1. (the prelude)

    he had said once-
    you are a storm,
    dangerous to get close to,
    but so beautiful i have to try.
    and i laughed

    I. the calm

    you are lightning
    still behind my eyelids
    and the burnt smell of you
    well, it lingers
    even when you’ve gone

    and a buzz in the air tells me
    just to wait-
    you’ll crash through my too-warm air again

    II. the crash

    but no matter how few the seconds are
    between you and the thunder
    i don’t remember how to grab hold anymore
    i don’t know how to let myself

    how to be swept away
    to what it’s like when you’re around,
    bright and bright
    your smile
    the warmth of a hand on my back

    III. the remainder

    you’re a storm
    while she’s my sun.
    and i can not believe that
    you looked down from your place in the sky

    and thought
    i was beautiful enough
    for your rain clouds.
    me, the undeserving land,
    parched and conflicted.

    (the epilogue)

    i laughed
    but now as i sink deep into my hips
    i can hear the thunder

    torn to pieces
    with just a torrent or two

    shipwrecked - the study of rotating bodies
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